Regulation 502

Regulation 502 was enacted by the Delaware Legislature to ensure students receive a standards-aligned curriculum.  The regulation requires all Delaware districts to submit evidence of a standards aligned curriculum in each of the content areas one year after their Delaware Recommended Curriculum release date.  This means all social studies evidence will be due August 13, 2008, since its DRC release date is August 13, 2007.  All documents associated with the process, including the Local Curriculum Alignment Scoring Rubric, can be found on the DOE site.

*Text provided by the Delaware Department of Education.

The Delaware Recommended Curriculum Administrative

The Delaware Recommended Curriculum should assist districts with demonstrating alignment for Regulation 502.  The DRC is not a scope and sequence that can be adopted. Rather, it is a collection of tools that illustrate the process of creating powerful, standards-aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessment. They include Clarifications, Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs), Grade Level Expectations (GLEs), and model units. All materials can be accessed using the DRC website once it is active in October 2007.


Visit the Delaware Department of Education's Regulation 502 Site